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180th fighter wing, ohio national guard

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Provide for America; protection of the homeland, effective combat power and defense support to civil authorities, while developing Airmen, supporting their families and serving in the community.


To defend freedom as the most lethal, innovative and efficient Fighter Wing in the Total Force!


1. Execute the mission
2. Manage resources
3. Continuous organizational growth


The 180FW is responsible for the nation’s number one homeland defense mission, Aerospace Control Alert, 24/7/365. Reporting to NORAD, this critical mission consistently proves to be an essential, long-term solution for the defense of our nation. With 60 percent of the U.S. population lying within a 600 mile radius of Toledo, the 180FW has flown more than 900 missions since activated in 2008.

The 180FW has 10 Airspace and Air Traffic Control Assigned Airspaces, or ATCAA, areas available, along with five designated Military Operating Airspaces and four restricted airspaces within a 240 nautical mile radius.

Included in these designated areas, the 180FW has access to air-to-ground gunnery ranges suited to the capabilities of both the F-16 and the F-35A. Both Alpena Airspace Complex in Michigan and Buckeye Airspace, Ohio, are supersonic, chaff and flare capable with full ground radar control and Link-16 capability. Link-16 is an electronic communication and data link between aircraft that allows pilots to communicate without the need to talk over radio frequencies in an effort to minimize detection from adversaries.

In addition, the wing has access to three aerial gunnery ranges in Atterbury and Jefferson, Indiana, as well as Grayling, Michigan. All are approved for employment of precision-guided munitions, allowing the 180FW to maintain combat readiness with air interdiction, close air support and air defense missions.
Utilizing multiple airspaces and ranges that are geographically separated allows the wing to find the favorable weather necessary to maintain training requirements and operational readiness at all times.


  • The 180th Medical Group provides medical support of the operational mission at the 180FW. This support includes taking care of approximately 1,000 personnel by conducting Preventive Health Assessments, deployment processing, immunizations, dental and optometry.
  • The 180FW Fire and Emergency Services Flight provides 24-hour, joint emergency response for the Toledo Express Airport alongside the Lucas County Port Authority Public Safety Department. The flight also provides Defense Support to Civil Authorities, providing mutual aid to local area fire and emergency services.
  • The 180FW Propulsion Element is the first Pratt and Whitney - 229/220 Repair Network Integration team to have provided War Ready Engines by rebuilding and testing 81 engines from 2009 to date in support of the Air Force and Air National Guard.

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