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  • Under Pressure: Providing critical care when it matters most

    While other children watched Sesame Street or Lamb Chop’s Play-Along, Kaitlyn Newkirk watched shows about emergency room trauma surgeons. Even as young as three years old, her dad would find her standing in their living room, entranced by the events unfolding before her.

  • National Nurses Week: Capt. Stephanie Smiddy

    A cancer diagnosis can leave patients reeling, frightened and uncertain of the future, especially when it is an aggressive form of cancer or one that doesn’t respond to traditional treatments. This is the state many patients are in when the first meet Capt. Stephanie Smiddy, the infection control

  • A Teacher at Heart: Airman Educates and Advocates for Youth and Airmen

    Growing up in a home where education was valued, 1st Lt. Ashley Chapa, assigned to the Ohio National Guard’s 180th Fighter Wing, intended to make teaching a career, but it was her dream to serve her country that came first.Chapa was so eager to serve that she enlisted, in 2004, at the age of 17

  • One Big Happy Family: 180th Fighter Wing Siblings Serve Side-by-Side

    The Guard Family is a well-known phrase throughout the Air National Guard, highlighting the close-knit relationships built while serving as members of the Air National Guard, often times serving entire 30-year careers with the same unit. Bringing true meaning to the phrase, Senior Airman Arika

  • Working the Line Between Life and Death

    Part of preparing a jet for flight is making sure the pilot is equipped with all the necessary supplies needed for any situation. From packing emergency items like parachutes and survival kits to maintaining regularly used items like flight helmets and oxygen masks, the attention to detail provided

  • Snow Worries: Civil Engineers Keep 180FW Mission-Ready

    Late in January, a polar vortex struck the Midwest, causing the temperature to plummet as low as 10 below zero. High winds made the temperature outside feel as cold as 35 below zero. Anyone outside with skin exposed to the elements became susceptible to frostbite within minutes. As snow began to

  • Beyond Endurance: Keeping Airmen Safe in the Most Inhospitable Place on Earth

    In 1914, when the ill-fated crew of the ship Endurance attempted the first land crossing of Antarctica, Sir Ernest Shackleton wrote, “We were helpless intruders in a strange world, our lives dependent upon the play of grim elementary forces that made a mock of our puny efforts.”More than 100 years

  • 180FW Women in Aviation:

    Amelia Earhart once said, “Some of us have great runways already built for us. If you have one, take off. But if you don’t have one, realize it is your responsibility to grab a shovel and build one for yourself and for those who will follow after you.” That is exactly what Senior Airman Haelie

  • 180FW honor guard member stands out

    Every movement is executed with pinpoint precision. Every detail looked at again and again.Honor guard members stand out amongst their military peers. Their ceremonial uniforms are made distinct by a silver cord that hangs on their shoulder and a silver stripe on their trousers, sleeves, belt and

  • 180FW Women in Aviation:

    Ensuring that airfields are safe, clear of debris and wildlife, as well as confirming pilots meet all requirements necessary to fly are two of the most important tasks assigned to U.S. Air Force airfield managers.For Senior Airman Sienna Krise, an airfield manager, who enlisted into the Ohio


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