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  • 100% Scholarship

    SCHOLARSHIP: The Ohio Air National Guard Scholarship program pays up to 100% tuition and general fees at state colleges and universities or the equivalent amount at private institutions for members of the Ohio ANG who sign a 6 year contract.GI Bill:Monthly stipend of $407/month while attending

  • 112th Fighter Squadron Patch History

    The history of the 112th Fighter Squadron dates back to Feb. 24, 1954 when the unit submitted a formal request to change the old emblem representing the 112th Bombardment Squadron to a new emblem that would represent the newly formed 112th Fighter-Bomber Squadron. The new emblem was officially

  • 180th Fighter Wing History

    The 180th Fighter Wing was formed in October 1995, but its origins stretch back to Aug. 18, 1917 when the 112th Aero Squadron was organized as a supply unit at Kelly Field in San Antonio, Texas. Later, in 1927, the 112th moved to the Cleveland Hopkins Airport, Ohio, where they became known as the

  • 180th Fighter Wing Patch History

    The origins of the 180th Fighter Wing's organizational emblem date back to June 22, 1964 when the unit held a group wide design contest in search of a design that could be used to symbolically represent the newly formed 180th Tactical Fighter Group. The emblem was approved and became recognized

  • Commissioning Guide

    Requirements for Commissioning· Must be at least 18 years old and a U.S. citizen · Must be commissioned before the age of 35 · Must meet medical and fitness requirements (after selection must have a commissioning physical) · Must possess a baccalaureate or higher degree · Must obtain a minimum

  • Frequently Asked Questions

      How do I enlist?Contact our recruiters at 1-800-495-4250 or via email for information or to schedule an appointment.You can visit our Careers page for more information on enlistment, earning a commission and other requirements.Are there fulltime career opportunities at the 180th?The Ohio National

  • Maintenance Group

    The men and women of the 180th maintenance group are tasked with the responsibility of maintaining the unit's assigned aircraft and equipment in a flying and fighting condition. Experts in the fields of: Aircraft Mechanics, Support Equipment Mechanics, Welders, Munitions Experts,

  • Medical Group

    The goal of the Medical Group is to provide the medical/technical training necessary to maintain optimum readiness with the ability to augment existing fixed and field medical facilities upon mobilization. The 180th Medical Group also provides the material support needed to maintain the highest

  • Mission Support Group

    The 180th Mission Support Group (MSG) provides world-class wartime and peacetime mission support of deployment operations, construction, facility maintenance, security, contracting, communications and information services, supply, transportation, personnel support, and services for the 180th Fighter

  • Operations Group

    Operations GroupThe 180th Operations Group is home to the 112th Fighter Squadron and the 180th Operations Support Flight which directly support the Air Sovereignty Alert mission and daily flying training in the F-16C Fighting Falcon. The primary mission of the 180th Operations Group is to provide a

  • Public Affairs
  • 419-868-4072
  • ID Cards
  • 419-868-4016
  • Personnel Records
  • 419-868-4016
  • Recruiting Office
  • 419-868-4469
  • Base Exchange
  • 419-865-3581
  • Tours*
  • 180.FW.PA@us.af.mil
  • Noise Complaint
  • 180.FW.PA@us.af.mil