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Wing Head Quarters

Human Resource Advisor
The role of the HRA is to advise Command Leadership on Force Management and Force Development issues. This office also facilitates Diversity Education, coordinates Mission Driven Mentoring / Enlisted Development Plans. In addition the HRA stays involved with base and surrounding community activities and events.
Inspector General

The United States Air Force Chaplain Service serves as a visible reminder of the Holy by providing spiritual care and the opportunity for Air Force members and their families to exercise their constitutional right to freedom of religion. The Chaplains of the 180th Fighter Wing offer worship services every drill weekend Sunday. In addition we provide pastoral care, counseling, and spiritual direction to the men and women of the Air Force in a confidential setting. As military officers, chaplains uphold the standards of the Air Force Core Values, "Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in All We Do." Additionally, chaplains are members of their unit commanders' staff and serves as advisors to commanders regarding religion, religious accommodation for diverse faith groups represented in the Air Force, ethics, and morale. The chaplain assistants are enlisted airmen who provide administrative support for the chaplains and serve as the "eyes and ears" of chaplains on deployments, visitations, and a wide variety of other exciting opportunities.

Legal (JAG)
The Judge Advocate's office provides legal services to base members and advice to commanders. Military Equal Opportunity provides training to the wing and assists commanders, supervisors and individuals with all aspects of human relations and substance abuse. The Human Resource Advisor ensures that all unit members have the opportunity to reach their full potential. The Wing Inspector General documents and investigates complaints by unit members after they've used their chain of command. The Chaplain's office provides spiritual and counseling services to all unit members.

Military Equal Opportunity (MEO)
Diversity, Equality, Readiness. The mission of the Equal Opportunity Office is to improve readiness and the quality of life of 180th Fighter Wing members by ensuring Air Force equal opportunity and treatment policies are fulfilled. The office oversees tailored human relations education and team building seminars, conducts quality of life climate assessments as a feedback tool for unit commanders, supports activities which celebrate diversity and conducts informal mediation to resolve disputes. Equal Opportunity Office programs promote open communication, trust, and respect for one another that directly contributes to teamwork, unit cohesion and productivity.

The 180th Safety office's first goal is to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all members of the 180th Wing. Secondly to educate and train supervisors and employees on the hazards associated with their jobs. The Safety Office is a compliance office, through education, training and inspections the 180th Safety office provides interpretation and enforcement of AFOSH Standards, OSHA Regulations, Explosive Safety, and Flight Safety.  And finally through abatement, mitigation, and inspection, remove hazards that are a potential for injury or illness.

Financial Management & Comptroller 
Financial Management mainly consists of four areas: Customer Service/Member Support; Customer Support/Member Entitlements; Accounting Liaison; and Budget. Customer Service and Customer Support works one on one with over 1200 assigned members providing each one with assistance to ensure their entitlements are correctly identified and paid appropriately. The Accounting Liaison office works with purchasing and many resource managers on base as well as businesses in the civilian community and industry to ensure the accounts payable and accounts receivables are promptly and accurately maintained. The mission of the Budget staff is to provide the resources necessary to sustain the overall mission of the 180th Fighter Wing. This equates to over $60 million annually.

Public Affairs
The 180th Public Affairs office is comprised Journalists, Photographers and Video Broadcasters. Public Affairs mission is to promote positive support for the 180th Fighter Wing and the Ohio Air National Guard by providing accurate, relevant and timely information to our members, their families, and to our local community, state and nation.

Command Post
The primary purpose of the 180th Fighter Wing Command Post is to provide a Command and Control (C2) link between the Wing Commander and Commanders at the Ohio Joint Emergency Operations Center, the ANG Command Center, Air Combat Command, NORAD and other Higher Headquarters as directed. The Wing Command Post is the sole agency responsible for executing C2 activities at the unit level and is the only agency authorized to process Emergency Action Messages (EAM's) and Air Force Operational Reports (AFOPREPS) which are used to relay command directions and monitor mission status of all assigned assets during routine operations, emergencies, contingencies, and increased readiness. Command Post Controllers perform these duties by operating a variety of secure, reliable, interoperable C2 communication and computer systems.
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