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Mission Support Group

The 180th Mission Support Group (MSG) provides world-class wartime and peacetime mission support of deployment operations, construction, facility maintenance, security, contracting, communications and information services, supply, transportation, personnel support, and services for the 180th Fighter Wing. 

The mission of the 180th Communications flight is to plan, program, and provide Information Technology for the 180th FW and 200th RHS, to include operations and maintenance of Computers, networks, secure electronic message transmission, radios, local and long haul telephone switching and distribution systems, TACAN, and Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV). 

Annually, Contracting (MSC) purchases $84 million worth of construction, services and supplies to support the missions of the 180th Fighter Wing and tenant GSUs. They also manage the government purchase card and quality assurance programs. Military personnel are highly trained contingency contracting officers ready to deploy on a moment's notice and conduct contract operations in any peacetime or combat operation.

The 180th Civil Engineer Squadron (CES) maintains and operates a 135-acre complex supporting F-16 operations. The squadron administers the resources, fire protection, readiness, engineering and operations programs. The base engineer emergency force, known as Prime BEEF, supports aircraft operations during wartime with runway repair, force bed-down capability, facility and utility maintenance support, air base recovery, construction management, crash rescue and fire suppression.

The mission of the 180th Mission Support Flight is to provide quality support to commanders, Air National Guard members, Air National Guard dependents and military retirees. Support is provided in the areas of customer service, training, education, relocation, recruiting, retention, and readiness. The MPF manages a wide range of programs that impact on each individual's career: accessions, appointments, assignments, promotions, qualification training, military schools, performance evaluations, strength accounting, retirements, and awards and decorations. During contingency operations, the MPF directs the flow of deploying personnel.

The mission of the 180th Security Forces Squadron is to provide security and protection for combat-ready weapon systems and base resources from sabotage, espionage, subversion and attack. During periods of increased tension, conflict, or war, Security Forces provide the combat capability to nullify or reduce the effectiveness of any attack. In addition, Security Forces provide law enforcement, crime prevention, Antiterrorism, information and personnel security. While providing these services the Security Forces maintain preparedness for immediate deployment in support of any wartime tasking. 

Combat Support and Community Service reflects the mission of the 180th Services Flight (SVF). Services personnel provide essential human services to the wing through a wide variety of activities, facilities and programs. These include the dining facility, lodging, base honor guard and mortuary affairs. The flight's Prime Readiness in Base Services deployment teams maintain their worldwide mobility commitment to sustain deployed wing forces, providing food, lodging, fitness and recreation services, and mortuary support under even the most austere conditions.

Logistics Readiness Squadron is composed of several well defined work areas. The areas are Commander's Support Staff, Transportation Management, Vehicle Operations, Vehicle Maintenance, Fuels Support, Logistics Plans and Readiness, War Readiness, Warehouse Management, Procedures and Analysis, and Flight Line Customer Support. Each of the areas play a vital role in keeping the unit ready for deployment and facilitates movement of passengers, cargo, and supplies.

The Commander's Support staff manages the information flow within the squadron to ensure squadron members have the tools to be successful. Transportation Management facilitates air movement and creates outgoing cargo shipments. Vehicle Operations manages the 180th Fighter Wing's vehicle fleet, dispatching, and operating vehicles. Vehicle Maintenance maintains the vehicle fleet. Fuels Support provides petroleum and other liquids essential for aircraft and base vehicles. Logistics Plans and Readiness develops and manages the processing of people and cargo and ensures all unit members are ready for deployment. War Readiness ensures unit members are outfitted with the most current gear and equipment and manages mobility storage. Warehouse Management stores and issues parts and equipment for the 180th and receives incoming shipments of supplies. Procedures and Analysis manages the flow of information necessary for supply processes, squadron training, funds management, supply systems, equipment accounts. Flight Line Customer Support provides parts and equipment needed to repair and maintain aircraft.

Each area in Logistics Readiness Squadron contributes to the synergy that makes the 180th Fighter Wing one of the best in the Air National Guard. In LRS we pride ourselves in providing the highest level of customer service while delivering the right supplies and best services in a fast and accurate manner.

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