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112th Fighter Squadron Patch History

The history of the 112th Fighter Squadron dates back to Feb. 24, 1954 when the unit submitted a formal request to change the old emblem representing the 112th Bombardment Squadron to a new emblem that would represent the newly formed 112th Fighter-Bomber Squadron. The new emblem was officially approved and became federally recognized on March 9, 1954. A brief description of the emblem as written in 1954 is as follows:

The bee is social in its habits, living in communities where each member performs some service for the common welfare of all.

The Guardsman, in addition to his everyday routine of living, participates in the activities of his National Guard unit, to be prepared to insure the security of his community and the nation should that security be threatened.

Like the bee community, our nation does not look for trouble or prepare itself for aggression. The bee is provided with a sting purely for defensive purposes; this alludes to the Air Guard as the sting is housed in the state of readiness of its various military units. The sting of the 112th Fighter-Bomber Squadron, as depicted by the armament carried by the bee, is the firepower of the unit's aircraft, always sharp and ready when needed.

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