Commander's Comments: Life Fitness

  • Published
  • By Col. Florencio Marquinez
  • 180th Medical Group
First, I want to thank everyone for a job well done getting ready for the Air Expeditionary
Forces and all of the hard work to successfully deploy all our members. It is the unique diversity, talents and teamwork that make the 180th the most outstanding Fighter Wing in the whole world. Our country is facing many challenges with our military members deployed all over the world and at home. We have two missions, state and federal, which means we must be ready at all times to meet those unique circumstances that call us to duty for natural or man-made disasters, the threat of terrorism, conflicts around the world, budget cuts and downsizing of our forces.

I cannot stress enough that the most important weapon system in the military is its people. Your health and welfare is the key to always being ready and deployable
to meet the mission. It is an individuals responsibility to have their medical records updated if there is a change in their health that would prevent them from being deployable. Inform your supervisor and Health Monitor so you can schedule an appointment at the Medical Group. This, in turn will validate if you are medically qualified to deploy and inform leadership of the status of their personnel.

Life fitness is the key to staying physically and mentally healthy. Here are ways to stay fit.

1. Complete your online physical health assessment the month prior to your birth date. Keep your medical appointment scheduled by the Health Monitor.

2. Dental cleaning should be every six months. Turn in your yearly dental form to the Medical Group.

3. Having a regular exercise program three times a week and a healthy diet is key to staying within your ideal body weight.

4. Passing your fitness test score with a 75% or greater is a good indicator if you are in shape. Do a practice test each month.

5. Proper sleep of seven to eight hours is important for rejuvenating the body.

6. Practicing good mental health by seeking help when you are experiencing work stress, interpersonal issues, alcohol or drug abuse, marital or family conflicts or other
stress that may effect your wellbeing.

7. When you're deploying, it is important that you complete all of the required Deployment Health Assessments; starting with DHA1 prior to deployment and DHA2 - 5 over the preceding 24 months. Early intervention of an illness, injury or mental health issue is key
to maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Be sure to report deployment related health concerns when they occur or as soon as possible.

If you have any further questions or need help in getting the resources for living a healthy lifestyle contact the Medical Group.
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