Airmen receive Chuck Smith ESOH Award

  • Published
  • By Courtsey
  • 180th FW/PA
The 180th Fighter Wing has been selected as the first recipients of the Chuck Smith Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health Award.

The Chuck Smith ESOH award was created to honor the late Chuck Smith, who was the driving force behind the original ANG ECAMPs and was instrumental in creating what have become the AF ESOHCAMP protocols.

This award is unique because the 180th did not self-nominate, like the other ANG environmental awards. The recipient was selected by the ANG functions (environmental, safety, and occupational health) and the ESOHCAMP contractor to recognize the overall "healthiest" ESOH program based on the 35 units assessed during calendar year 2011 ESOHCAMPs.

The criteria for the award should include one or more of the following items:
· Implemented innovative tools or ideas (programmatic) as it relates to the ESOH program
· Reduced or eliminated E, S, or OH risks either at the shop or base level
· Identified and implemented new technology (equipment) to reduce ESOH risk )
· Made full use of existing parameters that made the ESOH process easier and more efficient

"It is a huge honor for us to be the first unit recognized; we will get the award during AF ESOH Symposium next month in Denver," said Lt. Col. William Antoswski, 180th Fighter Wing Environmental Engineer.
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