Commander's Comments: Pride

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Michael Haas
  • Command Chief
A while back, I wrote an article for the Stinger that talked about our total team here at the 180th (drill status guardsman, AGRs, technicians and state employees) and their importance in supporting the 180th military mission. One team dedicated to the mission and vision of our great Wing. In that article, I stressed that regardless of your pay status or employed status here at the 180th, we ALL support a military mission and you should all be very proud of that.

There is something vitally important that every unit must possess in order to succeed at its military mission and that is pride. Pride in their unit and in their mission. This does not happen unless the members themselves possess and exhibit personal pride in everything they do. Take pride in being less than 1% of the entire U.S. population that currently serves our country and wears this uniform.

The uniforms we wear are not your normal everyday work clothes. They are military uniforms that our brothers and sisters in arms, both past and present, have served in. While in that uniform, they have sacrificed their time, and in some cases, their lives in order for us to be able to serve today. Everytime we put on our uniform we are rembering and honoring those individuals. Take pride in wearing the uniform! Everyone needs to wear the uniform correctly, regardless of whether you are technician, AGR or drill status guardsman. Whether you are at the 180th, another base, somewhere in the community or at home, everyone needs to go that extra step to ensure they look sharp. Proper wear of the uniform is not optional.

Pride does not stop at just the wear of the uniform, it goes further than that. There are certain things that we as military members have the privilege to do that honor our country and the military members who served us. One of those is showing proper respect to the flag. This is true at all functions whether we are in our uniform or not, and regardless of whether we are on or off duty. We, as military members, must adhere to certain rules to show proper respect to the flag. Respect for the flag can be shown through Reveille
and Retreat and part of this is the raising and lowering of the flag. Why is it important that we show proper respect to the flag? Because people have served and some have died defending that flag and everything it stands for. If we don't show proper respect, we dishonor our country, all of those individuals who have served before us and those that have given their lives for this country. You are never "off duty" when you serve in our military.

Proper wear of the uniform, respect for the flag and demonstrating military customs and courtesies are a part of our life as military members. We must remember that the 180th is a military organization. Regardless of your status, we are one team that exists to support our military mission. Take pride in the fact that we are lucky enough to be a part of this great military organization. Lack of pride in one resonates to the rest of your team and can negatively affect your section, and ultimately the unit's ability to accomplish its mission. Don't let that negative person be you! We are also required to ensure all members of our 180th team exhibit and promote a positive working environment, encourage those who are slipping, and correct those who do not adhere to the military's policies and directives. It is everyone's responsibility from the lowest ranking Airman to the highest ranking officer. Respecting the flag, our uniform and our military's
custom and courtesies is everyone's responsibility. Thanks for all you do!
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