2009 Tax Preparation Services for Military Members

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2009 Tax Preparation Services for Military Members

You have many choices when the time comes to file your 2009 tax return. We
have highlighted 3 programs which offer free or discounted tax services.
Each program has its own eligibility criteria.

Operation: CPA - CPAs throughout Ohio have volunteered their time and
expertise to prepare 2009 tax returns free of charge for deployed Ohio
residents this filing season. Military personnel who are Ohio residents
currently deployed outside of the state, (not necessarily deployed to combat
theater) will qualify for free preparation of their 2009 individual or joint
local, state and federal personal tax returns. To take part in Operation
CPA, qualified service personnel or their spouse or family member may call
The Ohio Society of CPAs toll-free at 888-959-1212 or e-mail. Military
personnel will be matched with a CPA volunteer.

Military OneSource - Starting January 18, 2010 Military OneSource will
provide free tax-filing services (H&R Block At Home online tax filing
(formerly H&R TaxCut) to service members and their spouses regardless of
activation status. The MOS program includes online state and federal
tax-filing services and tax consultations by phone. Beginning January 18,
2010 users can access these free services through the Military OneSource
home-page at www.militaryonesource.com Please do not try to register in
advance by accessing the H&R Block tax-filing service web site directly.

Keep in mind that Military OneSource can help tame your tax stress with
expert advice on planning, on tax issues specific to service members, and
sound ways to use your refund. Our expertly prepared articles, booklets,
recordings and worksheets on tax filing and other financial matters can be
accessed on the Military OneSource home-page at www.militaryonesource.com 
and click on the "Find Information" and then click on "Money Management" under
the Financial & Legal category.

Collins & Associates Military Appreciation Drive - This tax season (January
1, 2010 - April 15, 2010) Collins & Associates will prepare 2009 tax returns
free of charge for any currently deployed member of the armed forces (Active
Duty, National Guard, Reserve & Coast Guard). They will also reduce their
normal preparation fee by $60 for all U.S Armed Services Veterans. Collins &
Associates will donate $10 from every non military tax preparation to one of
the military & veteran friendly non-profit organizations, Heroes in Action
or Vets, Inc. To take part in the Military Appreciation Drive, qualified
service personnel, their spouse or family member may call Bill Huckaby at
734-854-2926 or email  for more information.

2009 Tax Preparation Services

Service Members Status Operation: CPA Military OneSource Collins &

Current Service Members Deployed Free Free Free

Current Service Members

Not Deployed NA Free Processing fee may apply - call for details

Veterans NA NA $60 off regular preparation fees

This is not an endorsement or recommendation.
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