Memorialized: Engine Shop Remembers Fallen Servicemember

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  • By Tech. Sgt. Annette Kornasiewicz
  • Public Affairs
A commemorative brick was presented to Kristi Mitchell here on July 9th by the members of the 180th engine shop in memory of her husband, 2nd. Lt. Dave Mitchell, who was killed March 14, 2008, when his F-16 Fighing Falcon crashed near Alamo Lake, Arizona. 

"We all purchased it together," said Senior Master Sgt. Mike Berry, propulsion element supervisor. "The engine shop members bought the brick in his memory."
About 30 members of the 180th silently witnessed the placing of the memorial brick by Kristi, who was helped by son, Brayden, one. 

"I just want to thank everyone for this," said Kristi. "I appreciate it so much." 

The flag brick program's purpose is to honor and/or memorialize someone and to support the Minuteman Trophy program for individuals retiring from the 180th Fighter Wing. 

A brick is engraved with a message of your choosing and placed around the flag pole located near the pavilion and building 114. Bricks are available in two sizes, 8 x 8 for $38 to $68 depending on how many lines or 4 x 8 for $32 to $42. 

Please contact Chief Master Sgt. Richard Michalak at ext. 4029 or Tech. Sgt. Barry Beale at ext. 4152 to purchase a brick and for more information. 

This is a chance to add a personal touch to a piece of 180th Fighter Wing history.
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