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  • Commander's Comments: Pride

    A while back, I wrote an article for the Stinger that talked about our total team here at the 180th (drill status guardsman, AGRs, technicians and state employees) and their importance in supporting the 180th military mission. One team dedicated to the mission and vision of our great Wing. In that article, I stressed that regardless of your pay
  • 180th Fighter Wing Change of Command

    12 February 2011 - Colonel Steven Nordhaus officially took command of the 180th Fighter Wing during a change of command ceremony held at the Swanton Air National Guard base, Ohio, February 5. The ceremony was presided over by Major General Deborah A. Ashenhurst, the Adjutant General for OhioCol. Nordhaus received the 180th guidon from Maj. Gen.
  • Reflections: Brigadier General Mark E. Bartman Reflects on his Greatest Moments as Commander of the 180th Fighter Wing

    On February 12, Brigadier General Mark Bartman relinquished command of the 180th Fighter Wing to Colonel Steven Nordhaus in a ceremony at the 180th Fighter Wing, Swanton, OH. Gen. Bartman, who pinned on his first star February 18, is now the Assistant Adjutant General for Air in Columbus, OH. His new position puts him in charge of more than 5,000
  • Practice Makes Perfect: 180th firefighters train to sharpen their life-saving skills

    Emergency response teams rely on continuous training, education and practice scenarios in order for them to be on top of their game during real-world emergency situations. For the men and women of the 180th Fighter Wing fire department, the fall of 2010 provided an abundance of refresher, new training and certification opportunities all geared
  • Kick Bass

    One of our very own, 112th Fighter Squadron Aircrew Flight Equipment shop members, has recently been highlighted in one of the most well known fishing magazines. Master Sgt. Frank Skellie was recently recognized by Bass Master Magazine.Master Sgt. Skellie is a member of the Glacier Lakes Bass Club, located in Adrian, Michigan. This is the second
  • 180th ESOH inspection: Take time to help!

    You may have seen some member's "dumpster diving" around base. While these poor people aren't dumpster diving to make money from your waste, they are doing it to help the base become aware of our recycling issues. Recycling is an Executive Order by the President, but it is also an inspection item on the upcoming May Environmental, Safety and
  • 180th MDG Health Service Inspection: How each of you can help!

    I first want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and again congratulations to all of you on your hard work and dedication to the 180th FW ORI Excellent Rating. Unfortunately, the Medical Group is still "embracing the SUCK and Living the Dream" getting prepared for our Health Service Inspection. Everyone hates inspections but they are very important

    On Nov. 11, veterans and active duty military personnel are getting recognition for their service. More than 400 bed and breakfasts and inns in 46 states and Canada are offering current and former military members and their families a free night's stay on Nov. 10, the day before Veterans Day. Participating locations must offer at least one room
  • 180th Medical Group servicemembers help to provide free healthcare services

    Three 180th Medical Group servicemembers served alongside approximately 75 Air National Guard Airmen and National Guard Soldiers in the 2010 GuardCare Aug. 21-22 at the Carroll County Fairgrounds in Carolton, Ohio. GuardCare, a program that was initiated in 1995 by the Ohio National Guard, offers free health care services to those in under-served
  • Giving Time to give a gift: 180th hosts a blood drive supporting the american red cross

    "As members of the National Guard, we must be prepared to meet the needs of our citizens," said Col. Mark E. Bartman, 180th Fighter Wing commander. "Anytime, anywhere."On Sept. 8, members of the 180th Fighter Wing stood up to that mission by hosting a mobile blood drive in the unit's aerospace dining facility. The drive, supporting the American Red