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  • The End of a Generation: 40 Years of Service

    Master Sgt. Mark Cramer has been in the Air Force for more than 40 years, enlisting in 1978. Jimmy Carter was in office, a gallon of gas was 63 cents and the first Garfield comic was published.“I am probably the oldest certified weapons crew chief at 59 years old.”Cramer is a weapons loader assigned

  • Locked and Loaded: 180FW Takes Aim at Green Flag-West

    An Army convoy is driving though the desert when they run into an ambush. Enemy vehicles and tanks threaten the lives of soldiers on the ground. While taking cover, a Joint Terminal Attack Coordinator grabs his radio and calls for air support. Moments later, the roar of an F-16 fighter jet engine

  • “Communicate. Listen. Empower.”

    24 years of service, seven F-16 duty assignments, six states, two countries, three combat tours and 44 combat sorties totaling more than 3,300 flying hours have all played a significant role in leading Col. Michael DiDio to his most current position, Commander of the Ohio National Guard’s 180th

  • 180FW Member Finds Success in Avionics Field

    Critical thinking and problem solving are desired skillsets employers often look for when hiring employees, but for Fighter Aircraft Integrated Avionics Specialists, these skills can be matter of life, death and mission success.For Staff Sgt. Mario Bynum, an F-16 Fighting Falcon Integrated Avionics

  • 180th Fighter Wing Goes to Green Flag

    More than 180 Airmen and 12 F-16 fighter jets assigned to the Ohio National Guard’s 180th Fighter Wing arrived at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, Feb. 6, 2020, to participate in exercise Green Flag-WestThe Two Week Exercise is a realistic, Air-to-Surface, joint training exercise, usually involving

  • It Won't Go Without TMO

    It won’t go without TMO, a motto that the Airmen at the 180th Fighter Wing Traffic Management Office prove to be true every day. TMO at the 180th Fighter Wing is seldom mentioned, but it plays a huge role in making sure the Wing can fulfill the mission.

  • 180th Fighter Wing’s 2019 CGO of the Year: Capt. Greg Hallett

    Assigned to the 180th Fighter Wing’s Logistics Readiness Squadron as the Installation Deployment Officer, Hallett is responsible for centralized command and control, planning and execution for all wing deployment operations and the movement of cargo and passengers.


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