ASA members continue to shine

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Timothy Moses
  • ASA Commander
On Feb. 28, members of the 180th Fighter Wing traveled to Tyndall AFB to attend the CONR-1st Air Force Warrior Air Sovereignty Alert Awards banquet. Tech. Sgt. Jeff Rosebrock and Senior Master Sgt. Paul Martin proudly received two of the four individual CONR-1AF Warrior Awards for 2010 and the 180th Fighter Wing won the overall 2010 CONR-1AF ASA Unit of the Year Award for the entire nation.

Tech. Sgt. Rosebrock earned the ASA Maintainer of the Year Award due to his exceptional contributions to the ASA Mission and the 180th Fighter Wing. Tech. Sgt. Rosebrock's superior accomplishments include functioning as the critical ASA COMSEC Responsible Officer, volunteering to assist sister ASA units in preparation for their inspections and actively helping fellow unit members achieve their best possible fitness goals. Tech. Sgt. Rosebrock supported his community by actively supporting the Honor Flight of Northwest Ohio and selflessly volunteering for tornado cleanup efforts in Millbury, Ohio after the community was hard hit with an EF-4 tornado.

Senior Master Sgt. Paul Martin was recognized as the ASA Command Post Controller of the Year. Senior Master Sgt. Martin's outstanding leadership provided zero write ups during the 2010 ASA Alert Force Operational Assessment and the NORAD Alert Force Evaluation. The NORAD Inspector General reported that Senior Master Sgt. Martin's Command Post Team was the "best seen by the NORAD IG." Senior Master Sgt. Martin's expertise and programs have been nationally recognized and his assistance solicited by other ASA units to help them stand up the ASA mission at their base and to assist other units with their inspection preparation.
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