ANG Team Captures 2nd Place in CBRN Challenge

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Kevin W. Culp
  • USAF
The Air National Guard team captured an incredible second place finish out of nine competing MAJCOMs during the Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Challenge at Brooks City-Base, Texas, March 15-21, 2009. All teams were composed of Bioenvironmental Engineering and Emergency Management personnel. Lt. Col. Bill Antoszewski from the 180th, Master Sgt. Steve Buss from Volk Field Combat Readiness Training Center, and Staff Sgt. Gary Fletcher from the 105th Air Lift Wing Stewart represented BE. EM team members were Tech. Sgt. Bill Catton and Staff Sgt. Jeffery Sharpmack, both from Little Rock. 

Lt. Col. Bill Antoszewski was singled out as the "Bioenvironmental Engineer Officer Top Performer" and Tech. Sgt. Bill Catton was selected as the "Emergency Management Top Performer" from among all 45 participants in the competition. 

Our team did exceptionally well in-spite of the fact that they did not have much of the equipment on-hand at their installations and had never worked together before. The BE personnel attended the Alpena CBRN course offered last September, and all members diligently prepared for this event during the weeks leading up to the competition. 

This proves, once again, that the ANG provides an outstanding capability equivalent to and even better than our active duty counterparts can offer.

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