Col. Trevor O.D. Noel Assumes Command of MSG

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  • By Lt. Col. Tom Gee
  • 180 Fighter Wing Public Affairs
"It was surprising to me that a lot of the vision is still relevant and how well you all did
to make it happen," said Col. Nancy August as she was addressing the entire Mission
Support Group for a final time. 

"As I look around I see a team of people who came together to support each other and the unit countless times whether it was in support of deployment, inspection, helping to solve a problem or assist someone with a personal hardship." August's comments were a part of the official Change of Command ceremony for the Mission Support Group held Saturday, February 7 in the Addison Baker Building. 

August, who recently assumed the position of Vice Commander, officially relinquished command on January 19 to incoming Mission Support Group Commander, Col. Trevor Noel. 

Noel, who served as the Deputy Mission Support Group Commander at the 136 Airlift Wing in Fort Worth, Texas also addressed the Mission Support Group during the ceremony. 

"A Commander is not a Commander without people," said Noel. "I work for you and you all work for me as a new Commander." 

Noel, who was also promoted to the rank of Colonel during the ceremony, also addressed the upcoming challenges for the Mission Support Group. 

"I will work my heart out to get us where we need to be, working as a team, over the next thirty six drills to prepare us for the Operational Readiness Inspection. 

August reflected on five visions she had with the Mission Support Group when she assumed Command back in 2001. These visions included success of the MSG people,
strong involvement in deployments, leveraging technology, embracing change as a part of our culture and building leadership and outstanding performance in the Mission Support Group. 

"You weren't satisfied with the status quo and we've had a few changes since 2001, Family Readiness, Student Flight, a new Sonnenberg Complex, LRS to MSG, Base Exchange, Solar Field, BRAC, Joint and Katrina," said August. 

"Wonderful things have come under Colonel August's leadership," said Colonel Mark Bartman, 180th Commander. "I look forward to Colonel Noel's leadership from deployments to inspection focus. He is the right person for the right time." 

Congratulations to Colonel August for her leadership and vision as the Mission Support Group Commander and best wishes to Colonel Trevor Noel as he assumes Command of the MSG.

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