The Afterburners: Comments from the 180th Retired Community

  • Published
  • By Steve Drake
  • Afterburners President
It has been several years since our retirees group has had an article in the Stinger. We are still around and prospering. The purpose of the 180th Afterburners group is to encourage and maintain the friendships and fellowship of the retired members of the 180th FW and their military associates. Membership is open to all 180th FW retirees, their spouses and those with past working associations with the 180th. Annual dues are $12 per calendar year. Monthly breakfast meetings are held on the third Saturday of each month at 10 a.m. at Charlie's Restaurant on Airport Highway and Route 295, just west of the airport. Normally, we have a picnic at the base in August in lieu of the breakfast. 

Primarily, the Afterburners eat breakfast and talk to one another. We also highlight changes in 180th activities, pharmacy issues, taxes, and retiree's benefits. A normal
breakfast has 40-50 members and spouses attending, and last about 1 1/2 hours. 

Of special interest, we have scheduled a speaker from Tricare on Feb. 21, 2009. Tricare is a great benefit and is available when the military sponsor reaches age 60, and it supplements Medicare at age 65. 

Retirees and future retirees are all welcome to the Tricare question and answers briefing. For non-Afterburners members, please call to make a reservation to either Steve Drake, 419-475-7342, or Chief Master Sgt. Laurie Liebich, 180th MDG/SGA, 419-868-4120, so we don't overrun the restaurant.We look forward to
seeing you!

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