AEF Force Protection: Be Aware

  • Published
  • By Capt. Richard Easler
  • 180th FW Security Specialist
It is important to maintain Force Protection awareness 365 days a year. However, there is a special need for vigilance with the upcoming deployments in support of the AEF. Protect the Air Force's most valuable asset by adhering to the following tips: 

Stay aware of your surroundings, report suspicious behavior to local law enforcement and security forces. Suspicious behavior may include: 

- Surveillance 
- Elicitation 
- Threats 
- Tests of security 

Employ basic operational security procedures by limiting discussion on the following: 

- Dates and times of mass gatherings 
- Dates and times of deployments 
- Specialized equipment or training 
- Access lists and personnel security measures 
- Unusual types of TDY orders 
- Supply limitations 
- Vulnerabilities to equipment 

If your house will be unoccupied, do not advertise that you are away: 

- Stop deliveries of newspapers and mail or forward to a trusted neighbor 
- Do not leave notes on doors or indicate length of absence on answering machines 
- Do not hide keys outside house 
- Ask a trusted friend or neighbor to periodically check residence 

For more information regarding OPSEC and Personal Security, please view the section titled "Anti-terrorism/Force Protection" on the 180th Fighter Wing Air Force Portal Homepage.

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