E-Tools: The First and the Future

  • Published
  • By 2nd Lt. Tiffany Pasker
  • 180th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Air Force Maintenance personnel are transitioning into a new wave of the future by utilizing an innovative electronic tool system that went live February 29, 2008. The Air Force-wide vision will provide all technical order users with up-to-date and accurate TOs. This means having access to real-time data by utilizing the Air Force Portal to access technical data that would otherwise be found in a paper manual. 

"The main difference between the old TO system and the new system is that they had to check out books from the library or they could try to find the data on different websites. Now everything is in one area," said Staff Sgt. Melissa Martin, TO Distribution Manager. 

The 180th will be utilizing desktop and laptop computers to access the Air Force Standard TO Management System that will automatically update the TOs. This new system will also provide Maintainers with a means to accomplish ancillary training which in the past has posed a hardship due to lack of access to computers. 

Staff Sgt. Martin has taken the reigns with this new integration, making the 180th FW the first guard unit to have all digital TOs and the first F-16 unit Major Command-wide to receive E-tools. She was selected to test out the new E-tools system while at training. Since then, she has been responsible for all aspects of the program. On June 23rd, she brought in E-tools specialist from Eglin AFB to train on the Enhanced Technical Information Management System and E-tools. She will also be responsible for maintaining the digital TOs not in found in ETIMS. 

"I am excited about E-tools," said Martin. "It has helped the TO Distribution Accounts because they don't have to update tech data and QA will be easier because you're gonna know that tech data is updated." 

By January 2009, E-tools will be up and running with the addition of extra laptops from Air Combat Command. The 180th will have approximately 90 E-Tools for Maintenance and F-16 tech data will be in ETIMS. By 2012, it is expected that all TOs will be integrated into

"So far they have been distributing extra E-tools to Maintenence only, however all organizations using TO's, depending on their deployment needs, will eventually require them. E-tools are used to provide access to digital TOs and other electronically formatted processes (MIS, FEDLOG, etc...) at the point of maintenance, and used in conjuction with ETIMS. E-tools will reduce or eliminate need for and reliance on paper TOs," said Master Sgt.Jodi Marsden T.O. Systems Functional Manager. 

The 180th Fighter Wing is on the fast track of improving methods which we use to conduct business. It is the Air Force mission to "deliver sovereign options for the defense of the United States of America and its global interests -- to fly and fight in air, space, and cyberspace." In the ever evolving world of technology and cyberspace, we are making great strides by setting milestones and providing equipment for technological advancement. Not only are we the first to obtain E-tools, but we are moving fast and efficiently into the future.

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