Environmental Management System Receives Second Party Certification

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Bill Antoszewski
  • Civil Engineering
As part of the 180th Fighter Wing's recent Environmental, Safety, and OccupationalHealth Compliance, Assessment and Management Program evaluation, the Wing's Environmental Management System was audited for conformance with Air Force and Air National Guard EMS policies and guidance. As a result of the audit, the Wing receivedsecond party certification meaning all EMS program areas are in full conformance. According to Mr. Chuck Smith, the NGB Team Chief, during four years of EMS audits, the 180th is the first ANG installation to receive EMS second party certification with no deficiencies. 

An Environmental Management System provides the framework for the Wing to clearly identify, prioritize, manage and check progress toward meeting its organizational and environmental goals, minimizing environmental risks and identifying areas for continual improvement. The Air National Guard EMS is closely modeled after the ISO 14001 program used in manufacturing and industry. 

A key element of the 180th FW's EMS was to develop an inventory of over 300 environmental aspects, processes and procedures found throughout the organization with the potential to impact the environment. The Wing's ESOH Working Group then prioritized the aspects based on relative cost for compliance, environmental risk, regulatory status, potential mission degradation and community concern. Using the prioritized inventory, Wing senior staff and the Environmental Management Office areable to target the most significant aspects for special attention and funding. 

The ESOH Working Group combined several aspects and determined that surface water is our most significant aspect. To protect this critical resource, several projects have already been programmed, funded and completed including:
- A new double-walled bowser for fueling base electrical generators
- A new spill containment pad and JP-4 proving tank for the Fuel Cell
- A new secondary containment pad for the Engine Test Cell
- Installation of natural gas generators for the ASA facilities and Operations building 

Future projects include additional natural gas generators, spill tanks for fixed diesel generators and spill containment pads for AGE equipment and mobile generators. In addition, Fire Protection, Environmental, Bioenvironmental and Civil Engineering Readiness personnel are receiving advanced hazardous materials response training so they can quickly respond to spills and leaks that could impact our surface water system.
All 180th Fighter Wing members can support the Environmental Management System by:
- Performing your job in a manner that minimizes your impact to the environment
- Knowing how your job affects the environment
- Understanding environmental procedures and knowing where to get help
- Understanding your role in spill and emergency response 

For additional information on EMS, please contact the Wing's Environmental Engineer, Lt. Col. Bill Antoszewski at ext. 4270.

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