Vehicle Decals No Longer Being Issued at the 180th Fighter Wing

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  • By Maj. Steven Agard
  • 180th Security Foces
Effective immediately, the 180th Security Forces Squadron will stop issuing vehicle decals. All outstanding decals must be returned to the SFS issuing desk prior to 30 SEP 2008. The decals to be returned include the DD Form 2220, AF Form 2219 and the Installation Tag.

As you may have heard, in OCT 2007 the AF announced that vehicles are no longer required to be registered via the DD Form 2220 to access any AF Installations. The 180th FW had implemented this policy in SEP 2007, but allowed personnel to retain decals if they desired. For a myriad of reasons, a decision was made on 13 MAY 2008 that the 180th FW will stop issuing or updating vehicle decals. In addition, all personnel that have decals are required to turn in all outstanding decals that are on file with SFS. With your help we hope to have this entire collection process completed by 30 Sep 08.

To properly remove decals:

1. Write down your name and the DD Form 2220 decal number on a piece of paper (in the event the decal number isn't readable after removal from the vehicle). If the decals were issued from another installation, be sure to also write down the name of the issuing Installation (from the decal), so they can be contacted to report the decals being turned in. 

2. Place a layer of clear tape (packing tape works best) over the top surface of all three decals. 

3. Remove decals with a razor/scraper, so that the decals adhere to the tape and do not chip into numerous pieces. 

4. Place the decal residue on the paper with the written DD Form 2220 number and turn in to Security Forces, Building 120.

Decals must be returned to the SFS Building and to an issuing official. Please do NOT return your decals to the Main Gate or to a SFS member that is patrolling the installation.

If you have questions or need more information please contact Sue Pietras at 419-868-4114

Security Forces Commander

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