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  • The 180FW Flies South for Training

    More than 130 Airmen from the 180th Fighter Wing, Ohio Air National Guard, deployed to Patrick Air Force Base, Florida, to conduct Dissimilar Air Combat Training, Basic Fighter Maneuvers, Defensive Air Counter Tactics and Tactical Intercept missions alongside F-15 Strike Eagles assigned to the 104th Fighter Wing, Barnes Air National Guard Base, Massachusetts, Jan. 25 to Feb. 9, 2019.
  • 180FW Airman Earns Title of State’s Best

    Master Sgt. Robin Wiseman, recruiting and retention manager assigned to the Ohio Air National Guard’s 180th Fighter Wing, has earned the title of Ohio’s Air National Guard Recruiting and Retention Manager of the Year for 2018.
  • The Frontline of Healthcare

    On the frontline of healthcare, medical technicians are one of the first faces an individual sees when visiting a medical facility. From, administering immunizations to assisting in aeromedical evacuations, these trained professionals supply critical support and are valuable members of any healthcare team.
  • Bringing Home the Gold

    The men and women of the U.S. military frequently travel to distant locations far from home for a variety of reasons, whether to train alongside their military counterparts in partner nations or to support military operations, but when Airman 1st Class Lydia Delmonico, an information technology specialist assigned to the 180th Fighter Wing, traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina, she was there to represent her country in a different way. She was there to compete in the International Taekwondo Federation World Championships from July 31 through Aug. 5 as a member of Team USA.
  • A New Perspective

    “Four Lenses is temperament training,” said Senior Master Sgt. Nathan Howard, 180 Fighter Wing human resources advisor and four lenses course instructor. “It’s looking at different types of personality temperaments and how to understand them better.”
  • Infection Control

    Each year, countless lives are lost due to the spread of infections in medical facilities. Approximately one in 25 patients are affected by hospital-acquired infection, according to the U. S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Airman Reflects on Cancer Diagnosis 8 Years Later

    “It’s like, when the doctor told me, everything stopped after that,” said Martin. “They kept talking, telling me what to expect and what I had to do, but it just went right out. All I could think was what is this going to mean.”
  • The Gift of Life

    More than 116,000 men, women and children are on the national transplant list as of August 2017, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and every 10 minutes another person is added. Each day, 20 people die waiting for an organ transplant because there are not enough donors.
  • Military Dentists: A Full-Filling Career Choice

    Driving nice cars and living the good life are often some the reasons mentioned by high school students when asked why they want to be a medical professional, and for Lt. Col. Jennifer Ludwig, her reasons were no different. “You get asked what you want to be, a lot, in high school,” said Ludwig, Chief of Dental Operations assigned to the 180th Fighter Wing, Ohio National Guard. “A doctor seemed like a good answer, but medical seemed to cliché. My dentist and orthodontist seemed to really enjoy life and drove nice cars. You’re a teenager. Those reasons seem so trivial now, this turned out to be a great career choice.”