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  • Breaking Labs: Emergency Response Teams Conduct Joint Hazmat Training

    Traffic outside an abandoned 1920s era school in downtown Toledo slowed to a crawl as drivers and passengers stared out their windows at men and women dressed in fluorescent orange hazardous material suits processing through decontamination tents. Inside the school, similarly dressed men and women searched for labs used to create weapons of mass
  • Stingers Prove Lethal at Combat Archer

    More than 120 members of the 180th Fighter Wing, Ohio Air National Guard, deployed 38 short tons of cargo and eight F-16 fighter jets to Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida in September to participate in Combat Archer.The two-week exercise is part of the Air Combat Command Air-to-Air Weapons Systems Evaluation Program, which assesses a units overall
  • Stingers rally for bone marrow drive to save lives

    What do seat belts, immunizations, helmets and...bone marrow all have in common?They can all save lives.Bone marrow donation may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about helping others, but it's a critically important one.Airmen from the 180th Fighter Wing participated in a two-day bone marrow registration drive in support of
  • 180th Fighter Wing Slated to Become Active Associate Wing

    The 180th Fighter Wing, Ohio Air National Guard, is slated to become an Active Associate unit in Fiscal Year 2016, as part of the U.S. Air Force Total Force Integration concept, adding active duty pilots and maintenance personnel to the wing's authorized manning document.The 180th Fighter Wing became the first Ohio National Guard unit in history to
  • Lt. Col. Addison B. Baker - The Rest of the Story

    I'm a strong believer that our heritage is critical to our future, and that remembering times when our core values were tested is fuel for our profession of arms. There really isn't a better example of our core values than Lt. Col. Addison B. Baker - long before we even called them "core values." You all know the basic story - 112th pilot wins
  • Fighter Integration over the Islands

    This 2013-2014 Winter has been officially named the most historic recorded in Northwest Ohio. This year topped the charts at 84.8 inches of snow and 25 days withbelow zero temperatures, surpassing the record set in 1978 by 11.7 inches of snow.Airmen from the 180th Fighter Wing didn't let the record breaking season prevent them from maintaining
  • Commander's Comments: Lead Well

    It has been just over a month since I have joined the Stinger ranks as the new commander and I want to let you know just how excited I am to be part of your family.My charge to each of you is simple: LEAD WELL!Being selected as commander of the Best Fighter Wing in the World is both a privilege and an honor. It is a privilege because command is a
  • Air National Guard commander selected for assignment at Pentagon: 180th Fighter Wing Commander, Ohio Air National Guard, to become Executive Assistant to Chief of the National Guard Bureau

    Here to serve is not only a motto for 180th Fighter Wing Commander, Col. Steven S. Nordhaus, it has also been his way of life since joining the U.S. Air Force 28 years ago. Nordhaus will continue serving as he begins a new chapter of his career in December, as the executive assistant for Chief of the National Guard Bureau Gen. Frank Grass, in
  • Ohio Airmen Provide Hope to West Tennessee Community

    Airmen from the 180th Fighter Wing Medical Group deployed in July, to Martin, Tenn., to conduct Innovative Readiness Training in support of "Hope of Martin," a two-week health fair for members of the Martin and surrounding communities. Approximately 30 members of the 180th FW Medical Group and 110 other service members from the Air National Guard,
  • Airman, Pilot, Plane Builder: Airman Completes Lifelong Dream!

    The hangar is quiet at the moment, but it is easy to see that much work goes on here. There are tools on the floor underneath the aircraft, waiting to be picked up and used again. Because it is unpainted, all of the shiny, hand-drilled aluminum rivets can be seen. In this state, it looks like a sort of prototype. Especially because it has