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  • Community Members Team Up to Recognize Military Children

    For over two centuries, we have recognized the members of our armed forces, our Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guard as our nation's defenders and heroes.Our service men and women are not, however, the only ones serving this great nation. The parents, spouses and children of this country's war-fighters have served our nation honorably
  • Airman is Best-of-the-Best five years in a row

    180th Fighter Wing Command Post Controller, Tech. Sgt. Levi Shadle has been recognized as the best of the best for the fifth time in four years.Shadle was recently named as the 2012 Continental United States North American Aerospace Defense Command Region, First Air Force and Air Force Northern Command's Aerospace Control Alert Command Post
  • Why did You Come to Work Today?

    I read a great book recently, "Start with WHY." The author, Simon Sinek, made a compelling argument that successful organizations share one common trait - they understand at the most fundamental level why they exist. The people in these organizations feel the values of the institution say something about who they are, and who they want to be. In
  • H.O.O.V.E.S. Helps Service Members and Veterans

    Imagine trying to lead a 1,500 lb. Belgian horse through an obstacle course in an arena the size of a football field. Now, think about how you would accomplish this without touching or talking to the horse.This was one of the challenges members of 180th leadership team faced when they participated in team-building exercises designed by H.O.O.V.E.S,
  • The Final Notes Have Been Played: 555th Air National Guard Band of the Great Lakes Deactivated After 90 Years

    Celebrating 90 years of military musical heritage, the 555th Air National Guard Band of the Great Lakes performed for the final time during an official deactivation ceremony July 7, 2012.The band, commonly known as the Triple Nickel, went out on a high note Saturday, as they performed classical, jazz and rock favorites during the official
  • 180th FW wins back to back ACA unit awards

    The 180th Fighter Wing walked away with the Unit of the Year Award for the second consecutive year at the 1st Air Force Aerospace Control Alert Awards banquet in March. Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla. hosted this event.Additionally, Tech. Sgt. Bruce Hedrick, a command post controller 180th FW, was awarded ACA Command Post Controller of the Year and
  • The Hedrick Hat-Trick: 180th Airman scores three awards in one year

    A Hat-trick is a term that has been acknowledged in the world of sports since 1877 and is considered a series of three victories, successes or accomplishments during one game by a single player. The player who accomplished the victories was awarded with a cap, or hat. Hat-trick did not gain notoriety until the mid-1940s when it was adopted by the
  • Commander's Comments: Hurts ONE, Affects ALL

    One definition offered by the dictionary defines professionalism as "characterized by or conforming to the technical or ethical standards of a profession". As members of the Air Force, we are all considered professionals. We are the GUARDIANS OF FREEDOM AND JUSTICE, MY NATION'S SWORD AND SHIELD, ITS SENTRY AND AVENGER. That's a pretty tall order
  • A Local Hero Remembered 20 Years Later

    This is the time of year when we traditionally give thanks and celebrate our many blessings while preparing and planning holiday gatherings with family and friends. For the members of the 180th Fighter Wing and the family and friends of Lt. Michael Young, this is also a time of remembrance and reflection.Young, 28, a pilot from Perrysburg, Ohio who
  • Honor and Tradition: A Reflection of Veterans Day

    For Staff Sgt. Tony Unum, a third generation military member, Veterans Day is a time to honor and reflect upon all veterans, past, present and future, quietly and respectfully.Unum, a financial management systems technician at the 180th Fighter Wing, Ohio Air National Guard, enlisted in the Air Force Reserves in 1989 spending five years as a