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  • Cold-Related Injuries: What You Need To Know

    As temperatures plummet during the winter months, the chances for cold-related injuries increase. These cold-related injuries can be serious and at times, even fatal.In 2009, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported 33 cold-related fatalities, 27 of those were in outdoor areas, two of those from the state of Ohio.If your job
  • WWII Pararigger Visits Modern-day Parachute Shop: United States Marine Corps Women’s Reservist Recounts Her Days as a Pararigger During WWII

    "Join the Marines to release a Marine to fight," read the billboard down the street from where Marjorie Tredway worked as a secretary in 1943. Excited to show her patriotism, she joined the United States Marine Corps Women's Reserve, two months after the Women's Reserve was organized.Established in February 1943, the Marine Corps Women's Reserve
  • Mission First, Family Always

    Being a mother is a very stressful job. Add on a set of ABUs and it is even harder. Military families experience situations foreign to civilian families. It is the American dream to have a big house 2.5 kids and a successful career. But someone needs to protect those freedoms and luxuries. As a military mom your job does not end at 1630. There are
  • We Got Served: ‘BBQ for our Troops’ serve their country and the 180th with hospitality

    On Oct. 2, the night before the 180th FW held its Hometown Heroes Salute ceremony, five volunteers huddled together at the pavilion here against the wind and cold to tend to the fires in their smokers. The temperature had to be just right to prepare the perfect barbeque pork and beef brisket for the cook-out planned for servicemembers following the
  • Suicide in the Guard and Reserve on the Rise: 180th Leadership Wants You to Know There is Help

    Suicide rates among members of the military's Guard and Reserve forces have spiked this year, with some numbers rising to levels not seen since the Vietnam War. According to an article posted July 26 of this year on military.com/news, 65 members of the Guard and Reserve took their own lives during the first six months of this year. That is up from
  • Commander's Comments: An Attitude of Gratitude

    Gratitude - the state of being grateful; thankfulness. With the Thanksgiving holiday rapidly approaching it seems reasonable to discuss the art of being grateful. Someone once told me that you can't be angry or upset and be grateful at the same time. I am certainly just like everyone else in this busy world trying to keep up. All of the
  • Energy Results, 180th Fighter Wing, OHANG

    At the end of FY 2003, the 180th Fighter Wing (FW) had peaked with an energy intensity of over 115,000 BTU/SF and ranked as the third largest ANG F-16 wing in energy consumption. This high level of energy use was also being experienced at each of Ohio's 4 flying wings and other installation across the state. As a result, the Adjutant General for
  • 180th Fighter Wing Welcomes CMSAF Roy

    Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force James A. Roy and his wife Paula recently visited the Toledo Air National Guard Base in Swanton Ohio while in the local area to attend a wedding reception. Chief Roy and Paula grew up and went to high school in nearby Monroe, Michigan. Colonel Mark Bartman, 180th FW Commander and CMSgt Michael Haas, 180th FW
  • Support teams test skills at silver flag

    As Senior Airman Lindy Runion, 180th Readiness and Emergency Management Journeyman, prepared to leave for a deployment to Silver Flag in November 2009, she knew it would be different than any other she had had in the past. Before setting foot on the exercise site, she packed her A-bag and C-bag, and also prepared to be living outside for a week
  • 180th Solar Field Shines with Expansion

    The 180th Fighter Wing Air National Guard Base at Toledo Express Airport was the site of a press conference on 5 January, announcing further expansion of its highly successful alternative energy solar field.The Honorable Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur from Ohio's Ninth Congressional District joined Col Mark Bartman, 180th FW Commander and other unit