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  • Personal Ownership

    Members of the 180th FW, I would like to briefly discuss a very important topic I see as being absolutely critical to our success in the near future. The topic is "personal ownership" but before I get into the ownership discussion let me provide a quick stage setting overview of what we the members of the 180th FW are about to undertake. First, as
  • Women in the Air Force - Then and Now

    Col. Bartman graciously offered the July Commander's comments opportunity to me - thinking that after 40 years, ten months and 29 days and approaching retirement that I would have some wisdom to share with the Wing. Well - I can offer a "historical" perspective! I am going to discuss two areas briefly: Basic Training and jobs from two perspectives:
  • Just a Drill

    Though it may have looked like the scene of a horrific airplane crash at the Toledo Express Airport in Toledo, Ohio on the night of April 22, it was just an exercise. Eight members of the 180th Fighter Wing fire department participated in an aircraft crash and recovery exercise along with the Toledo Lucas County Port Authority and several other
  • The Homefront

    Financial Peace University course offered for 180th members Financial Peace University is an intensive personal finance course that helps service members strategically and effectively remove debt and build wealth. In a small-group format, this 13-lesson DVD course, taught by personal finance expert Dave Ramsey, covers everything from budgeting and
  • Motorcycle Safety: New Season, Old Policy

    The sun is shining, the weather is getting warmer, and for most motorcycle riders the bikes are on the road. However, let us not forget motorcycle safety while on the road and do our individual duties to protect ourselves as well as our Wingmen. During fiscal year 2008, 124 motorcycle fatalities were reported by the Department of Defense, 50 of
  • New Media and the 180th Fighter Wing

    Friend us on Facebook: 180FW-OHANG Follow us on Twitter: 180thFW Did you know that the 180th Fighter Wing is now using social media sites to share information to you, the unit members, your friends and families and the community? It's true. The 180th has joined the fast paced world of instant communication by setting up a Facebook page and a
  • ANG Team Captures 2nd Place in CBRN Challenge

    The Air National Guard team captured an incredible second place finish out of nine competing MAJCOMs during the Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Challenge at Brooks City-Base, Texas, March 15-21, 2009. All teams were composed of Bioenvironmental Engineering and Emergency Management personnel. Lt. Col. Bill Antoszewski from the 180th,
  • The Mission You Have Accepted

    Many years ago, there was a TV program called "Mission Impossible." Each show began with a reel-to-reel tape player featuring a male voice describing a new mission. The male voice asked the person listening if they would accept that mission. Like the famed TV show, by enlisting in the 180th we also have agreed to "accept a mission." The 180th
  • First 180th Member COmpletes 8 1/2 Week BMT

    Airman 1st Class Sean D. Chubner, assigned as a crew chief for the Maintenance Squadron, returned in February as the first member of the 180th FW to graduate from the lengthened Air Force Basic Military Training. Chubner was a member of the third class to complete the redesigned BMT model, which changed in November, 2008, from 6 ½ to 8½
  • 180th Member Helps Save A Life

    Staff Sgt. Carl V. Stahl, III, Security Forces member, received a Red Cross Certificate of Recognition at their Toledo Chapter March 11, 2009 for "Extraordinary Personal Action" for providing self-aid buddy care to a man injured in an automobile accident that occurred in 2007. It was shortly after midnight on July 21, 2007. Stahl was leaving a