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  • AEF Force Protection: Be Aware

    It is important to maintain Force Protection awareness 365 days a year. However, there is a special need for vigilance with the upcoming deployments in support of the AEF. Protect the Air Force's most valuable asset by adhering to the following tips: Stay aware of your surroundings, report suspicious behavior to local law enforcement and security
  • Top 3: Watch Your Wingman

    With the Aerospace Expeditionary Force rotation upon us, we have prepared our aircraft, equipment and people for this deployment. It is now time to focus on one of our most important assets; our people. Being a good Wingman during our deployment should be a top priority. As a supervisor, it is incumbent upon you to spot the first signs of trouble
  • Army - Air Guard Employer Event a Success

    The 180th Fighter Wing hosted a joint employer event sponsored by the Adjutant General and the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve September 9, 2008. Twenty-four employers nominated by Ohio Army and Air National Guard members had the opportunity to learn a little more about the guard mission, as well as experience a bit of what their
  • Members Support OEF and AEF Deployment

    On October 5, 2008, the 180th Fighter Winger honored nearly 250 men and women for their upcoming service to this great nation in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Air Force Aerospace Expeditionary Forces deployment in a send-off ceremony here attended by nearly 500 of their friends and family. The OEF mobilization will involve approximately
  • A Field of Power

    180th Fighter Wing took a step closer in becoming fully energy independent. The Honorable Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur from Ohio's Ninth Congressional District, and Col. Mark E. Bartman, Commander of the 180th FW, pulled the symbolic electric switch to officially open the Alternative Energy Site as dozens of guests and distinguished visitors cheered.
  • Military Tradition: Reveille and Retreat

    Do you remember what to do when you hear the music indicating that the reveille or retreat ceremony is about to begin? I believe many appear to fear the time of reveille and retreat because they are not sure of the correct protocol. There is no reason to run for cover as some people are apt to do when the music begins playing. Let's take a brief
  • Connectronics: Connecting the 180th and the Community

    On August 21, 2008 the employees of Connectronics Corp. had the pleasure of touring the 180th Fighter Wing. Connectronics Corp., a local engineering firm, was founded in 1988 to design and manufacture specialized connectors and interconnection systems for a variety of industries. Connectronics designs the low and high-voltage power connectors for
  • E-Tools: The First and the Future

    Air Force Maintenance personnel are transitioning into a new wave of the future by utilizing an innovative electronic tool system that went live February 29, 2008. The Air Force-wide vision will provide all technical order users with up-to-date and accurate TOs. This means having access to real-time data by utilizing the Air Force Portal to access
  • Retention: People are our best assets

    Our commander, Col. Mark Bartman, has challenged all of us to meet the Adjutant General's goal of increasing our personnel end strength to 110 percent of the authorized number of personnel at the 180th Fighter Wing. Although we are currently at more than 107 percent strength, it will take everyone's involvement to both accomplish and sustain this
  • 180TH FW Boasts Area's Longest Running Car Pool

    Senior Master Sgt. Jeff Brubaker has been saving on his commuting costs since becoming a member of the 180th Fighter Wing in 1975. His father, Senior Master Sgt. George Brubaker, retired, AGE shop supervisor, started carpooling from Hamler, Ohio in 1963. The carpool has varied from three to six technicians during the standard work week and up to 10