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  • 180th Members Win State Honors

    The State of Ohio Command Chief Christopher Muncy recently announced the Airman of Year winners for Ohio with 180th members earning honors at the Airman, Noncommissioned Officer and also Human Resources Advisor of Year categories. Recently promoted Staff Sgt. Paul Dangelo was named "Airman of the Year", Tech. Sgt. Janeen Przysiecki captured "NCO of
  • Leading the Next Generation

    Is it me or are the Airmen in this organization getting younger every year? Perhaps I am just showing my age, but there are some differences between today's young Airmen and the way it was when I was coming up as part of the 180th TFG. Supervisors have expressed their frustrations: they ask way too many questions, they let their pants sag and they
  • Change of Command

    A celebration of both continuity and change was held in the Mission Support Flight, Saturday, December 6. The MSF said goodbye to retiring Commander, Lt. Col. MaryThom Williams, and welcomed incoming Commander, Lt. Col. Christy Rowzee, as a part of the official Change of Command Ceremony during the December Unit Training Assembly. All MSF personnel
  • BMT Longer for Airmen: Eight-week Course Mirrors AEF Cycle

    Basic military training just got longer, and the man in charge says the next crop of recruits will be the toughest and most combat-ready the Air Force has ever produced. BMT is two weeks longer than the previous six-week course. The bulk of that extra training time will focus on expeditionary skills - handling, firing and caring for an M16,
  • Adventure Race a Rewarding Challange

    For Tech. Sgt. Tim McCormick, 180th Fighter Wing Security Forces Specialist, hiking the trails at Pickney State Park in Pickney, Michigan is a familiar outing. He and Lt. Col. Todd Audet, 200th Red Horse, had hiked the approximately 15 miles frequently throughout the years with relative ease. However, on October 11, 2008, the hike was more of a
  • Historic Changes in Today's Military

    As I sat down to start thinking about a topic for my article this month, the first thought that struck me was the number of historic changes that are in our immediate future for the National Guard and our Country. Some of these changes we, as ANG members, have had or will have direct input into the process. Twenty-five years ago I learned a
  • AEF Force Protection: Be Aware

    It is important to maintain Force Protection awareness 365 days a year. However, there is a special need for vigilance with the upcoming deployments in support of the AEF. Protect the Air Force's most valuable asset by adhering to the following tips: Stay aware of your surroundings, report suspicious behavior to local law enforcement and security
  • Top 3: Watch Your Wingman

    With the Aerospace Expeditionary Force rotation upon us, we have prepared our aircraft, equipment and people for this deployment. It is now time to focus on one of our most important assets; our people. Being a good Wingman during our deployment should be a top priority. As a supervisor, it is incumbent upon you to spot the first signs of trouble
  • Army - Air Guard Employer Event a Success

    The 180th Fighter Wing hosted a joint employer event sponsored by the Adjutant General and the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve September 9, 2008. Twenty-four employers nominated by Ohio Army and Air National Guard members had the opportunity to learn a little more about the guard mission, as well as experience a bit of what their
  • Members Support OEF and AEF Deployment

    On October 5, 2008, the 180th Fighter Winger honored nearly 250 men and women for their upcoming service to this great nation in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Air Force Aerospace Expeditionary Forces deployment in a send-off ceremony here attended by nearly 500 of their friends and family. The OEF mobilization will involve approximately