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  • ANG Team Captures 2nd Place in CBRN Challenge

    The Air National Guard team captured an incredible second place finish out of nine competing MAJCOMs during the Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Challenge at Brooks City-Base, Texas, March 15-21, 2009. All teams were composed of Bioenvironmental Engineering and Emergency Management personnel. Lt. Col. Bill Antoszewski from the 180th,
  • The Mission You Have Accepted

    Many years ago, there was a TV program called "Mission Impossible." Each show began with a reel-to-reel tape player featuring a male voice describing a new mission. The male voice asked the person listening if they would accept that mission. Like the famed TV show, by enlisting in the 180th we also have agreed to "accept a mission." The 180th
  • First 180th Member COmpletes 8 1/2 Week BMT

    Airman 1st Class Sean D. Chubner, assigned as a crew chief for the Maintenance Squadron, returned in February as the first member of the 180th FW to graduate from the lengthened Air Force Basic Military Training. Chubner was a member of the third class to complete the redesigned BMT model, which changed in November, 2008, from 6 ½ to 8½
  • 180th Member Helps Save A Life

    Staff Sgt. Carl V. Stahl, III, Security Forces member, received a Red Cross Certificate of Recognition at their Toledo Chapter March 11, 2009 for "Extraordinary Personal Action" for providing self-aid buddy care to a man injured in an automobile accident that occurred in 2007. It was shortly after midnight on July 21, 2007. Stahl was leaving a

    When Col. Nancy August became the 180th Vice Commander January 1, 2009, she also assumed the distinction of being the first female to do so in the Ohio Air National Guard. What is her message to all members in the military in light of her accomplishment? Male or female, do your best job, always. "It is not about gender. It is about doing the best
  • Recognizing Outstanding Performers

    During my undergraduate years at the University of Toledo, one of my professors would constantly remind his students that, "Good work should be acknowledged, and good workers should be rewarded." When subordinates start to drift the wrong way, management has an obligation to correctthe situation. There are several reasons why this needs to occur.
  • Energy Conservation is Our Responsibility

    Energy consumption here at the 180th Fighter Wing must be reduced by nine percent in fiscal year 2009 in order to meet Ohio Governor Ted Strickland's goal of a 20 percent reduction in energy consumption by 2012. Energy costs are rising, but the 180th's energy budget will not be increased forcing us to reduce energy consumption as not to exceed the
  • 180th FW Welcomes Serbian Air Force

    One of the coldest Januarys in recent history did not dampen the spirits of four Serbian Air Force members, and an interpreter, who recently spent a week at the 180th Fighter Wing. The guests included Brig Gen Mirko Vranic, 204 AFB Commander, Col Dejan  Joksimovic, 98th AFB Commander, SMSgt Miodrag Markovcevic, Chief of Weapons Supply, 98th AFB,
  • 180th Members Cover Inauguration

    Witnessing the Inauguration of our nation's first African- American President is an honor in and of itself, but being a part of that event and serving your country at the same time would be a once-in a lifetime opportunity. That opportunity came to fruition for 2nd Lt. Tiffany Pasker, Public Affairs Officer, and Senior Airman Jodi Leininger, Public
  • Col. Trevor O.D. Noel Assumes Command of MSG

    "It was surprising to me that a lot of the vision is still relevant and how well you all did to make it happen," said Col. Nancy August as she was addressing the entire Mission Support Group for a final time. "As I look around I see a team of people who came together to support each other and the unit countless times whether it was in support of